Open Innovations 2015 Forum, Moscow

Open Innovations 2015 Forum, Moscow On invitation by the St Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF), I participated as a speaker at the Open Innovations 2015 Forum held in Moscow. My contribution at the round table on Electronic Government and Digital Citizens was about public innovation through citizen engagement, as contained in the eCitizenCharter. Twitter


As of January 1, 2015, the Schiphol Environment Council will be the stage where all issues, interests and parties around the development of Amsterdan Schiphol Airport and embedding it within its environment come together. The three parties involved are government bodies, the aviation sector and residents. The Council is the successor to the current so […]

Hong Kong & Macao, October 2012

  On invitation by the Electronic Governance Center and the e-Macao Program, I visited Macao for presentations and talks about cooperation on eGovernment projects with the United Nations University – International Institute for Software Technology  (UNU-IIST)                 Seminar on CitizenVision 2.0 in e-Macao Program           […]

eGovernment und Netzpolitik im europäischen Vergleich

eGovernment und Netzpolitik im europäischen Vergleich, NOMOS Verlag Alle sprechen von Netzpolitik, aber was ist das eigentlich? Und wie lässt sich elektronische Verwaltung oder E-Government von Politik im und fürs Netz unterscheiden? Der Band soll Antworten auf diese aktuellen Fragen geben. Er beginnt mit einer allgemeinen Einführung in den Themenkomplex, in der auch der Stand […]

An IDEA like IKEA: eCollaboration Swedish Design

Suppose you have a problem, what’s the best way to solve it? How about inviting a selected number of experts on the topic from all over the world, pay for their travel, lock them up in a former prison on an island, seduce them to present their views, facilitate that by excellent food, cleverly moderate […]